OLD Reviews

As our region’s preferred solar solutions provider, we work hard to make sure every customer has a great experience and we have the customer reviews and testimonials that prove it. 

“We literally do not pay an electricity bill all year long. Thank you Solar Energy World”

Paul Waxman

“We were satisfied with Solar Energy World’s timeline because they stuck with it. We’re happy with our utility bill because now we have none”

Tania Randell

“I didn’t believe Pat O’Brien when he told me that my electric bill would drop down to zero. For the past three months my bill has been exactly that!”

Eugene Becker

“I love my solar panels on my roof. In the past 8 months I have paid nothing ot the electric company!”

Susan Filesi

“I haven’t paid anything for electricity for eight months!”

Jim Mattingly

“Our electric bills have dropped by two-thirds. We have highly recommended Solar Energy World to friends”

Vince & Linda Fisher

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