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Solar Panel Installation in Pennsylvania

Welcome to the complete guide to Pennsylvania Solar Panel Installation! We’ve outlined all the important steps needed to help you find the best PA solar panel installer for your home. 

Save thousands of dollars every year while saving the planet when you make the switch to solar energy. Now you have the power to benefit from the strongest* energy source on Earth.

Solar Energy World is a reputable company with 88 years of combined experience in electrical design, roofing and home improvement. 

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How to Vet Pennsylvania Solar Panel Installers

Whether you’re on the east or the west side of the Appalachians, here are six simple steps to make sure you partner with the right PA solar panel installer. 

  1. Search for a Trusted Local Solar Installation Company
  2. Hear from Local Customers on Their Experiences
  3. Choose the Right Company for Your Solar Panel Project
  4. Understand the PA Solar Panel Installation Process
  5. Take Advantage of PA Solar Incentives
  6. Select the Best Purchasing Option for You

1. How to Find Pennsylvania Solar Companies

When looking for a solar installation company, it’s important to stay local to your area. East coast solar panel installers are familiar with nuances in Pennsylvania laws, and can inform you on the best PA solar panel incentives available to you to take advantage of. 

Solar Energy World has brick and mortar locations in both Maryland and Virginia, and has been providing local solar panel installation services for over 88 years. 

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2. Hear from Local Customers about Their Solar Experiences

The best way to learn about what to expect with PA solar panel installation is to hear it from current customers. Below are some stories of residents local to the area and their experiences with Solar Energy World. 

The Waxmans of St. Mary’s County chose solar to “reduce our environmental impact” and “put money back in our pocketbook”. After researching many Maryland solar installers, they chose Solar Energy World because we “practice what we preach”, as we have solar panels installed on the roof of our headquarters in Maryland.
Dr. Jerome Fleg of Howard County Maryland went solar because it is the “environmentally good thing to do” and because “economically, over the long haul, it would save energy costs”. Dr. Fleg chose Solar Energy World in particular due to our affordable pricing and the high number of installs we’ve completed in Maryland.
The Randells of Anne Arundel County went solar to “get rid of as much of the bill as we could”. They found Solar Energy World to be transparent and timely.  

3. Choose the Right Company for Your PA Solar Panel Installation

When you partner with Solar Energy World for your Pennsylvania solar panel installation, you can be sure that:

  • We’re not a discount retail chain. You are guaranteed to get personalized customer service!
  • We practice what we preach. Our facility runs on a solar panel system designed and installed by our own employees.
  • We have incentive specialists to assist you with local tax credits & grants.  You’ll get all the benefits your entitled to hassle-free.
  • We install only the highest quality, highest-efficiency solar panels with guaranteed performance.
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics once your system is up and running, ensuring it will always operate optimally.
  • We’ll never send subtractors to your home or business. All of our solar panel installation

Our customers truly love us! To prove it, we’ll let you randomly select anyone from our customer list to contact for an unbiased, unprepared reference.

4. Understand the PA Solar Panel Installation Process

When adding a PA solar system to your home, we follow 6 Steps for Success to ensure a smooth installation.

  1. Solar Panel Cost/Benefit Analysis
  2. Solar Panel Site Assessment
  3. Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives Review
  4. Solar Panel Installation
  5. Solar Panel System Inspection
  6. Continued Monitoring & Support

Check out our guide on the cost of solar panels in PA for more information on installation pricing.

5. Apply for Pennsylvania Solar Panel Tax Credits and Incentives

Currently, many cities and counties (like Philadelphia and Allegheny) offer local solar program. The best way to ensure you’re taking advantage of all applicable PA solar incentives and tax credits is to speak with a solar energy consultant who is familiar with local solar policies.

For more information on individual PA programs, as well as federal programs, visit our PA Solar Tax Credit and Incentives guide.

6. Select the Best Solar Panel Purchasing Option for You

There are two primary ways to pay for a commercial or residential solar panel system and installation in Pennsylvania. They include purchasing with cash, credit, or traditional financing, or leasing through a Power Purchase Agreement. 

Cash/Credit/Traditional Financing

PA homeowners who purchase their solar panel systems outright see an average of 50-100% savings on their monthly utility bill. Solar Energy World offers $0 down financing options to Pennsylvania homeowners who wish to own their system, based on creditworthiness. Purchasing a solar panel system in PA also generates income; SRECs can be sold for hundreds of dollars a year.

Lease or choose our RateGuardian™ PPA to Pay $0

One of the most easiest ways to acquire a residential solar panel system in PA is to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement or Solar Lease. Pending credit approval, our PPAs and Leases enable homeowners to put down $0 in upfront costs for solar panels and installations. They’re able to lock in a lower rate for energy than their utility company provides, which can lower their utility bill by up to 30%.