A Homeowner’s Guide to Pennsylvania Solar Panel Installation

This homeowner’s guide will assist you in understanding the ins and outs of adding solar panels to your home in Pennsylvania. Learn how to select the best PA solar installer in the area and educate yourself about the benefits of solar energy, the installation process, potential costs, possible local and federal subsidies, and buying alternatives.

How to Choose a Pennsylvania Solar Installer

The top Pennsylvania solar panel installers are those who are dedicated to giving clients financial independence for a better future and who maintain transparency throughout the entire process. Solar Energy World prides itself on being one of the top-rated, award-winning installation companies in the region for both residential and commercial property owners.

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Solar Energy Evolution in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, with its diverse landscapes ranging from the rolling Appalachian Mountains to its historic river valleys, is not just a state of rich history but also a progressive player in the renewable energy sector. Embracing solar power, Pennsylvania is carving a path towards an eco-friendly and sustainable future. The Keystone State has implemented crucial initiatives like the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS), aiming to increase the use of renewable energy significantly by 2030, with solar energy being a key component in this visionary plan. Beyond policy efforts, Pennsylvania is notable for its solar grant programs and tax incentives that encourage solar adoption among its residents.

How to Select a Pennsylvania Solar Installer

The best solar installers are the ones that remain transparent throughout the entire process. Solar Energy World is the #1 Home Solar and Battery Company Across the East Coast. We’re the leading provider and installer of solar panel systems in Pennsylvania. We will guide you every step of the way with award winning service, top-of-line products, and certified technicians.

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  • Avatar Aang Lakey ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Just had my panels installed today and the team was great.
    They installed my panels in one
    … More day and walked me through everything needed to know to operate the system.
    I’ll be waiting for an inspection of the work, but the installation day was a breeze.
  • Avatar Nur Afmeged ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Solar Energy World just installed solar panels on my house and I couldn’t be any happier. This … More was the most exciting, fast and hassle free experience I have had on home improvement project. Frank and his crew were super nice, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful crew. I’m really pleased and can’t wait to get BGE out of my life!
  • Avatar g poobah ★★★★★ a month ago
    Solar Energy World installed my roof, gutters and 8kw solar panel system. The work was very … More professional and the sales process made my decision easy. Low pressure and great sales staff.
    If your are considering Solar and/or roof work get a quote from these guys. Very competitive. Great job. Fast, on time and done right.

1. Search for a Trusted, Local PA Solar Panel Company

When looking for a Pennsylvania solar installation company, the first thing to look for is experience. Solar Energy World has been installing residential and commercial solar panels for over 88 years. We serve most areas throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Solar Energy World Stands Apart From All Other PA Solar Panel Installers

We’re not a discount retail chain.

At Solar Energy World, we guarantee personalized customer service for everyone.

We practice what we preach

We run our facility on our own system designed and installed by our own employees.

We never send out subcontractors

Our installers are our employees, directly accountable to us.

We have incentive specialists

Our specialists help with local tax credits & grants, to get you all the benefits you’re entitled to.

We install the best panels

Only the highest quality & most efficient solar panels for guaranteed performance.

We provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics

We’ll install your system and ensure it will always operate optimally.

2. Understand How the Pennsylvania Solar Panel Installation Process Works

Cost/Benefit Analysis

We begin by conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis to help you understand the financial impact and savings that solar energy will bring to your home.

Site Assessment

A detailed site assessment follows, where our experts evaluate your property to determine the optimal setup for maximum solar efficiency.

Solar Rebates & Incentives

We navigate you through the various solar rebates and incentives available in Pennsylvania, ensuring you get the best financial deal for your solar installation.

Professional Installation

Our team of certified professionals will then manage the installation of your solar panels, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

System Inspection

After installation, we conduct a thorough system inspection to certify that everything is running smoothly and efficiently, and that your system meets all local regulations and standards.

Monitoring and Support

Finally, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure your system continues to perform optimally. We stand by our service with a commitment to long-term customer satisfaction and support.

Get a Free Pennsylvania Solar Panel Estimate

Get a Free Pennsylvania Solar Panel Estimate

Requesting an estimate is 100% FREE and takes less than 5 minutes.

3. How Much Do Pennsylvania Solar Panels Cost?

There are a variety of factors that will impact the total cost of your Pennsylvania solar panel installation, but on average, PA homeowners spend between $12,500 and $17,000. PA solar rebates, tax credits, and other incentives can be used to help offset the cost by thousands. Typically, a PA solar panel system pays for itself between 6 to 10 years.

Diverse Financing Options for Solar Panels

Acknowledging the diverse financial situations of its residents, Pennsylvania offers a variety of financing options for solar panel installations. Although outright cash purchases remain a favored choice, yielding significant long-term savings, the state also accommodates individuals who may find the initial costs prohibitive. Pennsylvania supports alternative financing solutions, such as solar loans and solar lease/Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). These alternatives enhance the accessibility of solar technology and promote broader adoption of renewable energy, addressing the varied financial needs and preferences across the state.

4. Apply for Pennsylvania Solar Panel Tax Credits and Incentives

Currently, many cities and counties (like Philadelphia and Allegheny) offer local solar program. The best way to ensure you’re taking advantage of all applicable PA solar incentives and tax credits is to speak with a solar energy consultant who is familiar with local solar policies.

5. What Are the Available Purchase Options for PA Solar Panels?

At this time, Pennsylvania only offers a purchase option with cash/credit/traditional financing; see below for the fantastic benefits of purchasing a solar panel system!

Pay $0 for Electricity
Make Money Off Excess Power Generated
Phenomenal ROI
Financing Available
Pay $0 for Equipment / Installation
Lower your Utility Bill by 20-30%
Start Saving Money Right Away

Your Local Solar Energy Solution

As you consider the switch to renewable energy, remember that Solar Energy World is just a call away. We are dedicated to bringing the power of home solar panels to your doorstep, providing a seamless transition to clean energy for your household. Our local expertise ensures that we understand the specific solar requirements and benefits for Pennsylvania homes.

Embrace a sustainable future with our expert solar services, tailored to meet the unique needs of your residence in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the potential of home solar panels or you’re ready to take the leap into a greener lifestyle, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. With Solar Energy World, you’re not just installing solar panels—you’re investing in a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for your Pennsylvania home.

6. Get a Free Pennsylvania Solar Panel Estimate

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