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2022 Pennsylvania Solar Incentives, Grants, Rebates, and Tax Credits

Updated to include 2022 Pennsylvania solar incentives, rebates, and tax credits. Discover how you can save money to help offset the cost of solar panel installation in PA.

Are there local Pennsylvania solar incentives?

Currently, there is only one local Pennsylvania solar incentive you can take advantage of.

Philadelphia Solar Rebate Program

The Philadelphia Solar Rebate Program is a local PA solar incentive for home and business owners in the city of Philadelphia. It offers $0.20 per watt for residential projects and $0.10 per watt for commercial ones, with a $100,000 cap per project until the end of 2024. The program gets $500,000 a year in funds, 10% of which are reserved for low-moderate income households. If interested, you can apply here online.

Net Metering in Pennsylvania

Another PA solar incentive is net metering. Net metering allows home and business owners get financial credit applied to their electric bills when they produce excess solar energy. Unlike most states, Pennsylvania requires utility companies to send you an additional check for your energy, if you produced a surplus for the full year.

Pennsylvania Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

PA’s SREC program enables solar panel system owners to earn money by selling the excess power they generate back to the grid. At Solar Energy World, we calculate how much excess energy you are likely to generate from your solar panel installation, and we will set up the automatic system to earn and sell your SRECs in Pennsylvania.

Federal Tax Credits for PA Residents

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) helps compensate homeowners for the cost of solar panel installation in Pennsylvania. The ITC provides a 26% tax credit for any PA solar panel system installed in 2020-2022, and 22% for those installed in 2023. The ITC expires in 2024.

Interested in solar panel installation for your home? Let us help you take advantage of any applicable Pennsylvania solar incentives available to you. Solar Energy World has years of experience providing Pennsylvania solar panel installation services to local homeowners.