Why Solar Will Thrive No Matter What Happens on 11/3

Solar has prospered over the past four years in the USA despite Section 201 tariffs, a reduction in the federal Investment Tax Credit and fluctuating policies. In fact, the industry is expected to break a new record, adding more than 18 GW in 2020. According to investment firm, Wood Mackenzie,

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Solar Energy World Gets a Facelift

As we’re sure you can tell by now, we changed our site. You spoke and we listened. Our old site was a bit outdated and our customers told us that while we had a lot of really good information it could be difficult to find exactly what they were looking

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In Storms, Solar Holds Up

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes storm season. If you’re considering going solar, you may have questions about how your system will hold up to heavy winds and rain caused by summer storms—even hurricanes. Solar homeowners who have weathered past storms know the answer: Solar panels can handle

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