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Nothing Can Stop Solar Power’s Bright Future

Even though the outlook of solar in the United States may seem bleak due to recent changes made by the current government to purportedly slow down the accelerating consumer adoption of clean energy in an attempt to create a resurgence of Americans’ demand and dependence on coal and other fossil fuels, nothing could be fartherRead More >

Get Solar Incentives Now Because They Won’t Last Forever

Residential Solar is a booming industry; not just because of the new green jobs produced daily, the positive impact it has for the environment or even the energy it saves. The solar power industry is huge right now partially because of the incentives it receives from federal, state and local governments that help make solarRead More >

How Global Warming Makes Winters Colder

A record-breaking chill hit the East Coast a few weeks ago but that doesn’t mean global warming is not happening. The winter season has brought a lot of ups and downs in temperature that may have some of you wondering what role, if any, climate change has to play. We’re here to tell you thatRead More >

Are Solar Shingles Right for You?

Last summer Tesla had solar shingle test systems installed in California. Referred to as “Building-Integrated Photovoltaics” or BIPVs in the construction industry, solar shingles promise to turn rooftop sunlight into savings with a more pleasing aesthetic for homeowners than solar panels by integrating seamlessly with conventional asphalt shingles. They are wireless, snap together and areRead More >

Does Solar Really Need Taxpayer Money?

Solar energy is currently the fastest growing domestic source of power in the US. And while the costs of power produced by non-renewable sources continues to rise, the rates for solar electricity have been steadily decreasing since 2009. This fact has led some pundits to criticize the solar tax incentives insisting the costs are passedRead More >

Solar Energy World Wins Chestertown Solar Co-op Project

Kent County, MD – The Chestertown Solar Co-op has selected Solar Energy World, the fastest-growing locally owned solar company in Maryland with over 4000 installations since founding in 2009, to install solar panels for the group through a competitive bidding process over four other firms. “We are honored to be awarded this project because weRead More >

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