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Why Solar Panels Don’t Have to be Ugly

By Laureen Peck “I think our solar panels make our home look beautiful. Not only does having solar increase our property value, but it says to our neighbors we support energy independence and care about the environment we leave behind for our children and grandchildren.” –  Melissa L, Solar Energy World

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Will a Future Fuel Shortage Affect Your Home’s Power?

Recently a ransomware attack shut down the Colonial Pipeline, which delivers 45% of fuel to the Eastern Seaboard. Electric vehicle owners were not affected because they do not depend on gasoline to travel. However, most people still drive standard vehicles and had to deal with shortages at gas stations and

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Who Really Benefits from Net Metering?

Most people know solar power benefits the people who use it because it reduces their utility costs. In fact, some solar-powered homeowners don’t pay anything for electricity. A lesser-known fact is that solar powered homeowners help everyone in their community through net metering, even their neighbors who still depend on

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New Year, Better Power! Solar Boom Predicted

2021 will see the renewable energy sector booming, which benefits the US economy overall. Historic investments in solar are in the works via the Biden administration, adding momentum to the real possibility of renewables headlining the American energy story.

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Why Scrooge Would Love Solar

By Laureen Peck Most people are familiar with the famous novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and the main character in it, Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is famous for being a penny-pinching, greedy miser.  However, by the end of the story he has transformed from a selfish brute into a

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