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Santa Claus Loves Our Reindeer Safe Solar Package!

By Keelin O’Donoghue,  The S.U.N. Report’s North Pole Correspondent, December 23, 2019 Are you ready to go solar, but worried about leaving adequate roof space for Santa on the most important night of the year?  Have no fear!  Act now, and we’ll include our Santa-Safe Solar Package, complete with sleigh-proof

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Most People No Longer Believe Solar Panels are Ugly

“I think our solar panels make our home look beautiful. Not only does having solar increase our property value, but it says to our neighbors we support energy independence and care about the environment we leave behind for our children and grandchildren.”   –Melissa L, Clarksville, Maryland Some people who claim

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Is Going Solar Safe?

The short answer is yes, solar is safe. Recent news stories about Tesla’s solar panel fires have caused some to wonder if solar PV products are hazardous. The truth is, solar panels are not inherently dangerous and rather benign on their own. Like any electrical component, the danger arises from

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