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Is Going Solar Safe? Understanding Solar Panel Safety.

The short answer is yes, solar is safe. Yes, solar panels are normally very safe. However, with recent news stories about Tesla’s solar panel fires, homeowners might be asking: ‘Is going solar safe?’ While these incidents might spark concern, it’s important to understand that solar panels, like any electrical component,

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Will Going Solar Damage Your Roof?

The short answer is that a properly installed rooftop solar system is highly unlikely to damage your roof. This is because the panels do not sit directly on top of the shingles. Instead, they are secured to a system of metal rails and racks that are tied into the building

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Solar Energy World Joins Virginia’s Budding Solar Market

Due to Virginia’s increasing consumer demand for cleaner energy and new, favorable state renewable energy goals, Solar Energy World is expanding to serve more homeowners in select areas of Northern Virginia. Founded in Maryland in 2009, with solar installations now topping 140 systems a month, Solar Energy World is quickly becoming

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