How to finance solar panels in Virginia

If you’re looking for information on how to lease or finance solar panels in Virginia you’ve come to the right place! Solar Energy World serves most of Northern VA.

How much does it cost to finance solar panels in Virginia?

The cost of an average solar panel installation in Northern Virginia is between $11,900 and $16,160. That’s typically what homeowners end up financing after any Virginia solar incentives, tax credits, and grants, have been applied. 

When you choose Solar Energy World, you’re able to purchase a VA solar system outright using cash, credit, or traditional financing, or you can select one of our leasing options. 

The advantage to owning vs. leasing your VA solar panel system is that owners can sell their Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) generated by the panels for additional income, on top of any utility bill savings. 

What Virginia solar panel financing options are available?

As a top Northern Virginia solar panel installer, Solar Energy World provides customers with various financing options to suit their different needs. If owning a solar system isn’t an option for you, we offer Virginia Solar Leases and VA Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). While VA solar leases and solar PPAs are similar, there are some important differences.  

What is a Virginia solar lease?

With our VA solar panel leases, customers can rent a Solar Energy World system for a monthly fee, with $0 down. Customers can enjoy lower electricity costs, predictable monthly payments, the option to store excess energy, and more. 

What is a VA Power Purchase Agreement?

In a VA Power Purchase Agreement, for as little as $0 down, Solar Energy World will install your solar power system, and you can purchase that power at a set rate that’s typically lower than what you pay your utility company. Our RateGuardian™ PPAs, enable NoVA homeowners to take advantage of 20-30% monthly savings on their utility bill. There are also rent-to-own options available with our power purchase agreements.