Floridians’ Misconceptions About Solar Isn’t Stopping This Solar Company From Signing up Customers at Record Rates

Although Florida is the “Sunshine State” a lot of its residents still don’t know much about the benefits of going solar and many believe that solar businesses are out to scam them. That hasn’t stopped Solar Energy World  from investing in Florida’s clean energy future by educating ratepayers about the value of solar power. So far, the company’s quest to enlighten and inform is succeeding.

Headquartered in Maryland, Solar Energy World opened an office in Tampa in June 2019. Its rapid growth in Tampa has led to its expansion into Orlando. The company is currently hiring more local installers, engineers and customer service representatives to keep up with the growing demand.

Florida’s VP of Sales, Brent Cotton, explains why educating ratepayers has been instrumental in the company’s success. “People in Florida have been purposely misled and turned away from solar by big utilities and government actions for years. I’ve learned so much by talking with locals… their knowledge base has been clouded by misinformation. Educating Floridians on the true value that solar provides has been a driving force to me over the last few months.”

As Florida residents begin to perceive solar energy as a cost effective and environmentally friendly avenue to power their homes, the need for high-quality panels and installers will continue to increase exponentially. Solar Energy World sets themselves apart from the pack with best-in-class service and products. To maintain quality control, the company does not outsource contractors. In fact, it is one of the only solar design and installation organizations to employ an entirely in-house installation workforce.

“They knew a tremendous amount about solar.”, states Brian Kerwin of Palmetto FL, “The rep’s experience in solar blew my wife & I away. Super friendly and easy to talk to. He didn’t push us to do anything. My wife and I are so happy to have chosen Solar energy World that I have already referred 4 other people the next day.”

Tampa resident Lisa Morgan-Hetu explains why she is selecting Solar Energy World; “We really wanted an installer with a long track record with lots of good customer feedback. The sales rep was very honest and up front.”

It’s Easy to go Solar in The Sunshine State 

Solar Energy World offers homeowners in Tampa Bay and Orlando a choice between its exclusive $0 Down RateGuardian™ PPA/Lease (Power Purchase Agreement) – which typically saves homeowners 20-30% on electricity costs or a solar loan if they prefer to purchase a system to save up to 100% on utility costs. Either way homeowners are guaranteed to save money on energy costs.

There has never been a better time to go solar in the sunshine state.

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