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Is Going Solar Safe?

The short answer is yes, solar is safe.

Recent news stories about Tesla’s solar panel fires have caused some to wonder if solar PV products are hazardous. The truth is, solar panels are not inherently dangerous and rather benign on their own. Like any electrical component, the danger arises from human error due to negligence.

What went wrong with Tesla’s panels?

Tesla is now being served with lawsuits from both Amazon and Walmart following several building fires caused by Tesla owned, installed, and serviced solar panels.  The lawsuits basically state:

“This is a breach of contract action arising from years of gross negligence and failure to live up to industry standards by Tesla with respect to solar panels that Tesla designed, installed, and promised to operate and maintain safely on the roofs of hundreds of Walmart stores.” *

The Amazon warehouse fires were determined to be caused by similar negligence due to under-trained installers, rushed installation, and a serious lack of industry standard quality assurance.

Where did the danger come from?

Tesla and their predecessor-in-interest, SolarCity, ignored industry and safety standards, deciding to focus on growing revenue over doing right by their customers. Installations were completed as quickly as possible with disregard to quality, and improperly trained installers were employed in order to rush from one job to the next.

The inspectors sent to the Amazon and Walmart sites were so grossly incompetent due to the lack of basic solar training. Tesla/SolarCity also sent drones as a means of remote safety inspection. That’s right, they did not send an actual inspector to physically check the solar panels for safety. If you’re wondering how accurate a drone fly can be to determine faulty wire connections, multiple building fires is the answer.

If SolarCity/Tesla is willing to rush public facing clients as massive as Walmart and Amazon, residential and small business customers would be wise to think twice about the level of service and safety they would receive from the organization.

The Solar Energy World Difference

First and foremost, every solar installer works directly for Solar Energy World. No third-party contractors will ever be sent to our customers.

Second, our products are guaranteed to operate and remain safe over their entire life cycle. We ensure optimal safety by only offering products that set the standard for quality and safety. We also continually employ up-to-date solar panel installation best practices.

Last, our amazing team of solar installers have years of experience working for parent companies in related fields prior to receiving solar panel installation training from solar panel brand partners.

On top of our rigorous installer training, SEW sends an in-house NABCEP-certified (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) solar designer/installer along with a Solar Energy World licensed master electrician who supervises our crews.

By Jordan Lebowitz

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