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2022 Top Contractors

2023 Top Contractors

 By: Kelly Pickerel | Solar Power World | Editor in Chief  Solar Energy World Takes Top Spot on 2023 Top Solar Contractors List   ELKRIDGE, MARYLAND, JULY 26, 2022 — Despite concerns over supply chain interruptions and tariff investigations, the U.S. solar industry saw record solar and energy storage demand in

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SEW Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor

By: Kelsey Kleinhen | Digital Marketing Manager Solar Energy World has been recognized as a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC)!  We want to be the first to tell you about our new designation as a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC). Solar Energy World was named a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC)

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Ten Persistent Myths of Solar Power Debunked 

By Whit Trovillion Ten Persistent Myths of Solar Power Debunked  Solar energy has been plagued with several persistent myths which may have discouraged adoption by eligible homeowners.  This blog will address some of the more persistent ones and attempt to address some of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) surrounding

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Solar Energy World Fosters Good Health, Economic Security in Montgomery County With Solar United Neighbors Solar Co-Op

Montgomery County Solar and EV Charger Co-op Members Select Solar Energy World as Group’s Installer for the Third Consecutive Year  Solar United’s Montgomery County Co-Op members chose Solar Energy World to be their solar installer through an open and competitive bidding process. Solar Energy World is a top rated residential solar installation

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Why DIY Solar Costs More Than You Think

The economics of doing it yourself, may not work out in your favor. By Laureen Peck, CMO, Solar Energy World Sometimes homeowners will ask how much they can save on costs if they buy Solar panels wholesale and install them themselves instead of having a solar system professionally designed and

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Most People No Longer Believe Solar Panels are Ugly

“I think our solar panels make our home look beautiful. Not only does having solar increase our property value, but it says to our neighbors we support energy independence and care about the environment we leave behind for our children and grandchildren.”   –Melissa L, Clarksville, Maryland Some people who claim

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Do You Really Get Enough Sun for Solar?

How your roof’s azimuth angle effects solar panel efficiency. There is a lot more that goes into what makes a roof ideal for a solar panel system than most homeowners realize. Even if you believe you have enough sunlight hitting your roof to go solar, we may still determine it does

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How Solar Energy Can Help the Economy

One of the many benefits of solar power is that the industry has the potential to help boost the economy. But how exactly could this happen, and what is the reasoning behind this statement? For current pricing on solar panels and installation click HERE. Solar Creates Jobs A demand for solar

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