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Will Going Solar Damage Your Roof?

The short answer is that a properly installed rooftop solar system is highly unlikely to damage your roof. This is because the panels do not sit directly on top of the shingles. Instead, they are secured to a system of metal rails and racks that are tied into the building structure. Each attachment point is then carefully wrapped in metal flashing to ensure a weatherproof connection. All the products used should also come with extensive manufacturer warranties for replacement of faulty parts.

Of course, if the installers are not fully trained or experienced, that will increase the chance of roof damage. Our company, Solar Energy World, only employs installers who are PV certified and work directly for our company. We do not hire temporary, contract workers for these jobs because we know full time employees give homeowners a better customer experience. Our customer satisfaction surveys show our careful hiring practices pay off. We consistently achieve very high ratings on independent review sites like Solar Reviews and Guild Quality.

In addition, to full time, certified solar installers, we also employ a full time Chief Structural Engineer to review every design because any roof we install upon, must be strong enough to support the extra weight. A home’s roofing material must also be in satisfactory condition before a custom solar system is installed. If the roof is beginning to show signs of disrepair, our team will recommend repairs or roof replacement before any panel installation will be executed.


Once the structure and roof have passed these rigid inspections, the installation will be scheduled, and the correct products are procured. Our managers assign a team to deliver and install the system at your property on the agreed upon date.  (To learn more about the process and to watch a video of an actual home installation, click HERE.)

If there is an issue with your roof’s condition, depending upon where your home is located, our sister company, HCR can install a new roof at a greatly discounted price along with your solar panels.

If your roof is in good condition but is disqualified for solar due to other issues like not enough roof space or shading, Solar Energy World is one of the few companies that will install a ground mount system for you if you own enough property to accommodate it.

In addition to producing clean solar power for your home, one often overlooked benefit of going solar is that the panels create an extra layer of protection for your roof from the natural elements making your home even more energy efficient by providing another tier of insulation.

The benefits of going solar, including saving thousands of dollars on your energy costs far outweigh any risk. You just have to make sure you choose a solar company with a great reputation and lots of experience.

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