Majority of Americans Unhappy with Their Utility – Want Cleaner Energy, New Consumer Reports Study Shows

Can you blame most people for wanting lower bills and better energy suppliers? Solar Energy World focuses on clean power for your home and life. Can you blame most people for wanting lower bills and better energy suppliers? Solar Energy World focuses on clean power for your home and life. Can you blame most people […]

Celebrate Earth Day at Our Free Event for MD/DC Homeowners on April 21st

Solar Roof Tours, a Solar 101 Workshop and a light Breakfast are all part of Solar Energy’s Earth Day Event for Homeowners from the Baltimore/DC metro area on Saturday April 21, 2018 from 10:30 AM -12:30 PM at Solar Energy World’s headquarters in Elkridge, Maryland. The workshop presentation will focus on the environmental benefits of […]

Fight Against The War On Clean Air and Save Money Too

Fight the war on clean air

With three major hurricanes making September the most active month on record in the Atlantic and raging wildfires in California this month, 2017 has been one of the most extreme weather years in US history. As a result, it has also become one of the most expensive seasons on record. Due to anthropogenic (human caused) […]

Why Solar Energy is Good for Our Environment

Solar Power is Clean Power. If you wish to decrease your carbon footprint to help protect the environment, going solar is one of the most effective ways to do this. Solar is good for our environment. Here’s why… Electricity production is responsible for a large percentage of all carbon emissions in the United States. Going […]

Two Reasons Why Pro-Environment Homeowners Don’t Switch to Solar Power

lower your electricity with solarJudging by social media and the news, environmentalists and people who care about environmental issues are quite upset by recent developments. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is being defunded and may actually be abolished by 2018. The Clean Power Plan, a policy that was aimed at reducing carbon pollution from power […]

Solar History: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Located in Golden, Colorado, NREL is the United States primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development. Currently NREL is funded through the Department of Energy and receives the majority of funding from the DOEs Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). NREL’s mission and strategy are focused on advancing the […]

How Solar Energy Impacts the Environment

Does solar energy have any negative impact on the environment? What is the downside of Solar? These are great questions to ask especially when it comes to Solar Farms in remote areas of our country. Scientists are asking if these types of large installations have any adverse effects on surrounding wildlife and the ecosystem. Arid […]

Solar in the News

Solar energy continues to nab headlines across the nation this month. From new investments to new technology, solare energy continues to gain attention as the next big energy source. In Boston, a team at MIT announced a breakthrough, reducing the scale of solar energy. Just like the first computers took up entire rooms but now […]

GOP Ally for Senator Sander’s 10 million Solar Roof Bill

In June, an independent has rallied some unexpected support from both a Republican and Democrat in what they are calling tripartisanship support for solar energy. VT Senator, Bernie Sanders proposed a project that will place millions of solar power systems on home and businesses in the next decade. Working alongside SunShot, a Department of Energy […]

Renewable Energy and Green Jobs is on (well…has been really) the clean energy bandwagon releasing “The Impact of Clean Energy Innovation” report earlier this week. uses Google’s strengths in information and technology to build products and advocate for policies that address global challenges.  The organization helps with Googler volunteering, Google Earth outreach and clean energy advocacy, and other […]