Solar Energy World Goes Virtual and Saves Ratepayers More on Utility Costs

The pandemic has not only caused emotional pain to millions of Americans it has had a negative effect on their economic status as well.  However, there is a way for solar installation companies and the people they serve to thrive despite these challenges.

By Laureen Peck, CMO Solar Energy World

Our company made a big change a few months ago. Almost 100% of the solar evaluations we conduct are now done virtually.  We have improved our telecommunications technology, so it is no longer mandatory that homeowners meet with us in person to find out if solar is right for them. With these upgrades we can more easily develop a comprehensive proposal online or over the phone.

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This does not mean we will never meet at a customer’s kitchen table again. It just means it is no longer required for an analyst to travel to a person’s home to provide them with a detailed cost-benefit analysis. It is more convenient for homeowners as well. Plus, these upgrades have made it possible for more of our office staff to work from home.

So why have these changes made going solar easier and savings higher for our clients?

The bottom line is that going virtual has helped Solar Energy World generate more business at a lower cost.  This allows us to offer our customers bigger savings and discounts on our products and better electricity rates than ever before. 

Here is how that works:

  1. Solar Analysts Can Meet with More People. In addition to helping the environment by reducing vehicle emissions, virtual appointments make it easier for our solar analysts to sign up more customers. They are no longer restricted to only going on two or three appointments a day because of drive time. They can meet with a lot more people in a day which means they can sign up more people in a day which generates more sales revenue at a faster rate for us.
  2. Going Virtual Helps Reduce Administrative Costs. With more online solar evaluations and more of our employees working from home, we have lowered our travel reimbursement costs. We have also been able to reduce the office space we need which has saved us on equipment and rental costs.
  3. No Need to Spend as Much on Advertising and Promotion. Since we are signing up customers at record rates due to the virtual appointment option, we have been able to reduce what we spend on marketing and advertising to attract new customers. This has given our company even more savings.

Due to these changes, despite the current health crisis, Solar Energy World is flourishing. This makes it even easier for us to help our clients save money on electricity costs with zero investment upfront. In these times, energy cost savings are even more important.

If you have been thinking about going solar, there has never been a better time to schedule a virtual appointment with us.

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