Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Go Solar*

By Laureen Peck

1) You’ll Miss the Fun of Burning Stuff

If you enjoy burning money than you shouldn’t do anything to stop burning fossil fuels to power your home. Paying more to your utility provider every year for energy that comes from coal-fired power plants along with never-ending electricity rate increases utilities deliver is something you can always depend on.  If you go solar, you will lower your dependence on your utility company and save up to 100% on electricity costs.

There is enough unpredictability in the world.  If you do nothing, at least you know you for sure you will always get bigger energy bills every year.

2) Your Neighbors Don’t Deserve Your Help

If you go solar you would add power to the grid that you and your neighbors depend on which would help lower everyone’s utility costs. This is because when your solar panels generate more energy than what you use, that excess energy is exported into the power grid that also serves nearby customers’ loads.  Besides getting cash back for yourself from your utility company, the energy you produce takes the pressure off the utility companies to spend extra funds on infrastructure updates. It also helps reduce transmission-line congestion that can cause rolling blackouts and other inconvenient power outages for repairs and upgrades. So, your solar system would help your neighbors who may be bigger energy consumers than you are, save money on their monthly electric bills.

Your neighbors shouldn’t benefit from anything you do. Their dog barks too much.

3) No Jobs are Better Than Green Jobs

You worked hard to get where you are today and you’re happy with your life, your career choices and your economic status.  You believe others should be able to be as successful as you are without your assistance. So, why waste your time helping to create new green energy jobs for workers who may have lost jobs or give a boost to a new generation of workers who are just starting out? If you go solar, you would be helping employ more Americans in a modern industry.  It’s unsettling to know that green energy jobs, like solar installer, are growing at 10 times the national average and that these jobs are booming across America as older, outmoded jobs like coal mining decline.

Black lung rates for coal miners  are higher than they were more than 50 years ago and asthma cases and other lung diseases are on the increase as a result of rising air pollution.  If solar, wind or other types of renewable energy become America’s dominant power source fossil fuel related diseases, coal mine collapses, oil spills that hurt tourism and fishing industries and fracking accidents that make your drinking water poisonous, would cease to exist.

The thrill of risking your life or livelihood just isn’t there with green jobs. What fun is that?

4) You’ll Already be Dead if Earth Becomes Uninhabitable

You are sick and tired of hearing about climate change. You know it is real, but by the time Earth is too damaged to sustain life, you won’t be on it anymore anyway. You can see that superstorms, floods, draughts, and other natural disasters are increasing every year, but those haven’t hurt you much yet.  If you have kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews, you have faith that they will figure out how to survive in the future if the atmosphere is unbreathable, most of the economic powerhouses on the coasts are underwater and/or nothing is able to grow anymore.

Maybe people will have enough time to design domed cities deep under the ocean or to make space stations big enough for billions of people to live in before Earth runs out of food and water.  If more people would switch to clean energy like solar it could help prevent the worse effects of climate change.

But this isn’t your problem.  Right?

*Please note, this article is meant to be satirical. Solar Energy World is VERY pro-solar energy. For more information on who we are, and what we believe, please click here.

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