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Is Going Without AC This Summer the Only Way to Stop Rate Spikes?

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You are not imagining it. Every year summer gets hotter. In fact, meteorologists predict this summer is going to be hotter than average for much of the U.S. Even if you want to save money, enduring extreme heat without air conditioning is not a practical option for most people.

The good news is there is a way you can turn up your AC but pay less for your electricity. 

By Laureen Peck

Everyone knows that cranking up the AC during peak electric hours will raise your electricity bill. You could turn down your air conditioning, or not use it at all, but for many people this is unrealistic. If you are a part of the workforce that will continue to telecommute even after the threat of COVID-19 has passed or are someone who spends a lot of time at home during the day for other reasons, going without AC during the summer would mean you would feel miserable most of the day. Plus, sustained periods of high heat can negatively impact your health or the health of loved ones who live with you.

Numerous studies by climate scientists show this heating trend will continue unless humans worldwide are able to significantly reduce their dependence on fossil fuels within 12 years.  Unfortunately, it is going to take some time for enough consumers to switch to renewable energy to make an impact, so oppressive summer heat isn’t going away soon.  This means your utility costs are going to go up this summer and for summers to come unless you take preventative measures now.

Preventative Measures?

Other than not using any electricity, the easiest way to ensure your utility costs won’t be high this summer while remaining cool and comfortable is to start using summer’s brilliant sunshine and longer days to fuel your home energy needs. When you have solar panels installed on your rooftop or property, you can end up with zero utility costs, no matter how high you set the AC.

It is not an exaggeration to say you can actually use more energy, but pay less for it when your home runs on solar power. It’s a fact. As Solar Energy World customer, Candice Stankus told us, Last summer we paid nothing for our electricity, even with the AC going full blast. We love our solar panels.”  Paul Waxman, another Solar Energy World customer brags, “We literally do not pay an electricity bill all year long.”  Solar Energy World customer, Vince Fisher raved, “Our electric bills have dropped by two thirds.”

Of course, these three homeowners are not the only ones who are delighted by how much solar saves them on their energy costs.  There are literally thousands of Solar Energy World customers who have lowered their utility costs or who don’t pay any utility costs at all since going solar.

But Isn’t Solar Expensive?

Today, Solar is actually cheaper than fossil fuels according to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2020 report.

In fact, you can literally pay $0 for Solar Panels and Install with our Solar PPA or Solar Lease and lock in a lower electricity rate that would reduce your monthly utility costs by 20-30% on average. Or you could purchase a solar system from us for $0 Down to achieve a strong return on investment in 5-7 years, earn income from the excess energy your system produces, and reduce your utility costs up to 100%!

The bottom line is that you are guaranteed to save money whether you choose the PPA/Lease option or the ownership option.  Plus, you will feel great knowing you are doing your part to help protect the Earth for future generations because solar power has zero carbon emissions. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Why Sign Up For Solar Right Now? you want to beat the summer heat, it isn’t smart to wait too long. Although an actual home installation usually only takes 2-3 days, the process of going solar can take several weeks. In rare cases, it can happen quickly, but on average, 4-8 weeks is the norm. This means you could sign up for solar with us right now, but your system might not be up and running until late June. Fortunately, the hottest month of the summer is July, so your system could start running just in time to avoid the huge increase in electricity costs.  

The reason the process takes this long is because to do everything the right way, there are several steps reputable solar companies like ours must take. These steps include system design and engineering, inspections, utility net metering set up and more. Our company has outlined our best practices for a successful solar installation here.

How to Get Started

We wish every home was eligible for solar but unfortunately this is not the case. There must be enough unshaded area on the home or on the property for the system to work properly. Other factors like roof type and roof condition can play a role as well.  

If you are interested in going solar, the first step is to find out if your home qualifies for it. To do that, simply fill out the form below, and we will get back to you quickly to answer all your questions.

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