Installing solar panels on your house is a tried and proven way to reduce your electric bills – perhaps even eliminate them. It makes financial sense AND is one of the biggest contributions you can make to save the environment.

This web site will explain how solar works, the installation process, tax incentives, pricing options, and more. It may seem like a complicated process, but we make it easy to go solar. We visit your home and make sure solar is a good fit for your property. We’ll run the numbers and let you know what you’ll be saving. We’ll explain the process and when you’re ready, we will take care of everything.

Trusted, Local Experts

Locally owned and based in Maryland, Solar Energy World is the fastest growing, independently owned solar panel design and installation company in the region. As a result, we’re your ideal solar partner. You can expect straight talk and we’ll be here to stand behind our work long after the install. We’ll even let you talk to ANY of our customers as you make your decision.

Why Go Solar?

Good for the Earth

Good for the Earth
  • Clean
    1kWh of solar prevents 300 lbs of CO2
    in the atmosphere
  • Responsible
    Feeds energy back into the power grid
  • Patriotic
    Builds American energy independence
    and grows our economy

Good for Your Budget

Solar power is good for your budget
  • Adds Value
    Solar boosts home resale value
  • Lowers Costs
    Pay 20-100% less for electricity
  • Tax Breaks
    Cover 35-50% of purchase cost
Solar Showroom Tour

“Last Summer we paid nothing for electricity even with our air conditioner going full blast!”

–Candice Stankus, Rockville, Maryland

“I haven’t paid anything for electricity sine the middle of March through Oct!!!!”

–Jim Mattingly, Washington DC

“I really enjoy watching the BGE meter spin backwards.”

–Rich Lechner, Pasadena, Maryland