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Northern Virginia Homeowner’s Guide To Solar Panel Installation

The NoVa Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Panels is a helpful resource to walk you through the essential steps needed to find the perfect Virginia solar installer. Plus, you’ll hear from real-life customers how making the switch to solar has transformed their lives, the future, and the environment for the better.

Learn the process for going solar with top Virginia Solar Installer: Solar Energy World

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Who is the best Virginia solar installer?

The best solar installer in Virginia is Solar Energy World because they believe tomorrow matters. Solar Energy World is committed to providing its customers with financial independence and a better future for their children and the environment. They have over 88 years of local service experience — providing roofing, electrical design, and home improvement work. Plus, when you go solar, they take care of all the paperwork for you — so you receive all the tax incentives you are entitled to — hassle-free.

Here Are Your Must-Do Steps For Northern Virginia Homeowners Interested in Solar Installation (click to jump to content):

  1. Search For A Trusted Local Company
  2. Find The Right Company For You
  3. Hear From Virginia Customers On “Why Solar”
  4. Understand The Solar Installation Process
  5. Take Advantage Of Tax Credits For Northern Virginia Residents
  6. Choose The Best Purchasing Option For You

1. Search For A Trusted Local Company

Solar Energy World has 88 years of local service – providing roofing, electrical design and home improvement work.

We install residential solar panels in counties in Northern Virginia: Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William.   

2. Choose The Right Company For You

Solar Energy World stands apart from all other Virginia solar installers because:

  • We’re not a discount retail chain. You are guaranteed to receive personalized customer service.
  • We practice what we preach. We run our facility on a solar system designed and installed by our own employees.
  • Our customers truly love us. To prove it, we will let you pick anyone at random from our customer list to contact for an unbiased, unprepared reference.
  • We take care of all the paperwork ensuring you get all the incentives and income-generating benefits you are entitled to.
  • We install only the highest-quality, highest efficiency solar panels with performance guaranteed.
  • We never send subcontractors to your home or business. All of our installers are our employees, directly accountable to us.
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics once your system is installed ensuring it will always operate optimally.

3. Hear From Virginia Customers On “Why Solar”

Jeff Taylor of Falls Church switched to solar because he wanted to take advantage of readily available sunshine. Jeff is concerned about the environment and wants to lower his dependence on fossil fuels that are warming our planet.

Ravi Sankararaman of Vienna notes that humankind is irreversibly changing the planet in many ways. Ravi believes that installing solar energy on his home is one way he can help.

Holly Hazard of Falls Church is worried about the global effect of fossil fuels and believes going solar is a reasonably easy way to help.

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4. Understand The Solar Panel Installation Process

We make installing solar panels for your Virginia home simple with our 6 Steps for Success:

  1. Solar Panel Cost / Benefit Analysis
  2. Solar Panel Site Assessment
  3. Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives
  4. Solar Panel Installation
  5. Solar Panel System Inspection
  6. Monitor and Support

Get more information about the costs of solar panels in Virginia

5. Take Advantage Of Virginia Tax Credits

Virginia offers a variety of valuable incentives for homeowners who are ready to go solar. Check out our guide to get a complete picture of how much a solar panel installation might cost you in Northern Virginia with tax savings and other incentives.

Local Property Tax Exemptions

Certain Virginia Counties, including Prince William, Loudoun, and Fairfax, offer full or partial property exemptions for solar systems used primarily for heating, cooling, and hot water systems.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Virginia Solar Panels

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a national incentive that allows homeowners to recoup a big chunk of equipment and installation costs. 

This credit covers 30 percent of your system costs.

You can see this is a good year to add solar because federal tax credits are available and they provide a huge deduction.

Get more information on other solar panel incentives and related programs in Northern Virginia.

6. Choose The Best Purchasing Option For You

There are a few ways you can lease or purchase solar panels in Virginia.

Purchase With Cash/Credit/Traditional Financing

You’ve done your due diligence, and you’re aware of the many benefits of a solar-powered home, including clean energy, increased property value, and a potential savings of 50% to 100% on your monthly electric bills. 

Installing solar panels isn’t inexpensive, but our flexible purchasing options, along with several valuable tax credits and incentives, make solar energy more affordable than ever before

Additionally, purchasing a solar panel system in Virginia can generate income for homeowners who sell their Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs).

We also offer $0 down financing options for homeowners who wish to own a solar panel system, based on your credit report.  

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