Should you Purchase your solar panel system or Go Solar with a $0 Down PPA?
Either way, you will start saving on Day One!

RateGuardian PPA *– 20-30% Savings, No Money Down

Our Zero-Down Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), makes it possible for you to pay $0 up front costs for solar panels and installation. With approved credit, you can have a solar power system installed and start paying at least 20% less than your current monthly electric bill. We sometimes call our PPA the “No-Brainer” option because you pay absolutely nothing to start saving right away.

HOW IT WORKS: We install essentially a mini-power station on your roof or property at no cost to you and then sell you the electricity it produces at a locked in rate that is lower than what your utility company charges you. Your obligation is to pay only for the electricity generated by the panels – but you do not own the equipment.

Solar System Purchase – Up to 100% Savings, Plus Earn Profits

If you decide to purchase a solar panel system you start saving on energy costs as soon as the solar panel system is operational. But you do have an upfront investment. We’ll review the numbers based on the size of your home and system, but on average, solar homes generate a 125% return on investment within 5-7 years. By year 20, homeowners can expect to achieve a 500% return on investment.

HOW IT WORKS: We will go over all the details about your solar panel system, the upfront cost and how much power it will generate. Once you decide, we take care of everything to get it up and running. You start saving from day one because you are generating power that you use in your home. When you generate excess energy, you can sell that back to the grid (through an automatic system – again there is nothing you need to do.)

Is Purchase Affordable?

It’s a lot less difficult to purchase a solar panel system than many people think. Buying a solar system is similar to purchasing a car. Most people do not pay cash for a car and most people do not pay cash for a solar system. There are many financing options, including an option where a customer can own the solar panel system for $0 down and just have low monthly payments. It is also possible to be cash flow positive on day one. Most things you purchase depreciate in value after time. A car’s value decreases as soon as you drive it off the lot. A solar electric system’s value actually increases over time.

Quality is Our Only Choice

Regardless of whether you purchase, lease or sign up for our RateGuardian(TM) PPA, you will receive the same superior solar panel service and support. We use the same top quality solar panels and equipment – there is no difference. Our work is always guaranteed and we are here to support you moving forward. We just want to offer options to make solar power available to every homeowner in the region.

RateGuardian PPA versus UTILITY RatesSolar Return on Investment Chart

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Purchase System RateGuardian™ PPA /Lease (Power Purchase Agreement)
Initial Investment? $0 to full purchase price 1 $0
Monthly Utility Bill Savings?2 50-100% 20-30%
Does System Generate Income? Yes No
Tax Incentives? Yes Included 3
Do you own the system? Yes Possible 4
System Warranty? Yes Yes
Energy Monitoring? Yes Yes
Earn Referral Rewards? Yes Yes
  1. Depends on financing. Solar Energy World offers several excellent financing options including $0 down.
  2. Savings Vary per customer. Percentages listed are based on data from SEW’s customers’ installed systems.
  3. Included – With a PPA the tax benefits and additional income contribute to making your system cost $0.
  4. Possible – A PPA provides a path to ownership.

*PPAs are not available in Virginia at this time. If you have a home or business in Virginia we have excellent purchasing options available, including a $0 down with financing offer. Solar Lease instead of PPA is available in Florida. Our Solar Lease in Florida still allows homeowners to pay $0 for solar panels and install.