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South Carolina Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Panel Installation

We put together this homeowner’s guide to South Carolina solar panels to help you know the process of getting solar panels installed on your residence as a homeowner in the state. You’ll also hear real stories from previous customers who have added solar to their homes and had their lives transformed in the process. You may even find that you feel similar to these customers in the desire to add solar to help the environment and the future as much as your electricity bills today.

Learn the path to going solar with top South Carolina solar installer: Solar Energy World.

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Who is the best South Carolina solar installer?

Solar Energy World is your best South Carolina solar panel installer choice because of our belief in tomorrow. We hold to our commitment to bring our customers financial independence through SC solar energy, with the bonus of a better tomorrow for the environment and the next generation of people.

Here Are Your Must-Do Steps For South Carolina Homeowners Interested in Solar Installation (click to jump to content):

  1. Search For A Trusted Local Company
  2. Find The Right Company For You
  3. Hear From South Carolina Customers On Their Experience
  4. Understand The Solar Installation Process
  5. Take Advantage Of South Carolina Solar Incentives For Residents
  6. Choose The Best Purchasing Option For You

1. Search For A Trusted Local Company

You need a trusted South Carolina solar company. With our 88 years of local service in home services, Solar Energy World has the experience and reputation you can count on for a job well done. Our reliable team installs solar panel systems throughout the Palmetto State.

2. Find The Right Company For You

There are many ways Solar Energy World stands apart from the rest of South Carolina solar energy companies:

  • We’re not like discount retail chains. Our service is customized to each person and home, rather than providing a cookie-cutter experience.
  • We follow our values. When we tell you something, we keep our word. You’ll experience the difference through our employee-designed and -installed solar system.
  • We’re loved by our customers. Ask us to talk to anyone on our customer list. We’ll provide their information for you to contact for an unprepared summary of their experience with us.
  • We love paperwork. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we’ll handle all the paperwork so you get all solar incentives available.
  • We believe in quality. Our team provides the highest quality South Carolina solar panels, backed by guaranteed performance.
  • We send vetted employees for installations. Our Solar Energy World employees are the ones to come install your solar panels, rather than subcontractors.
  • We ensure 24/7 energy service. Our around-the-clock diagnostics and monitoring help keep your solar power running efficiently after we install it.

3. Hear From South Carolina Customers On Their Experience

Alan Beckerman was happy about the value solar power could provide and also said, “I’m really pleased with the work of Solar Energy World.”

Tania Randell showed that we stand by our word in her review that says, “We were satisfied with Solar Energy World’s timeline because they stuck with it.”

Gary W. showed the cost savings that solar energy can provide by his statement explaining how “after a year, our system replaces 64% of our bill” and then his SREC sales cover the electric cost balance.

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4. Understand The Solar Installation Process

Our 6 Steps for Success improve our process of installing solar panels at your South Carolina residence:

  1. Solar Panel Cost / Benefit Analysis
  2. Solar Panel Site Assessment
  3. Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives
  4. Solar Panel Installation
  5. Solar Panel System Inspection
  6. Monitor and Support

Explore the details of our 6 Steps to Success here.

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5. Take Advantage Of South Carolina Solar Incentives For Residents

Solar rebates and incentives can make your installation more affordable and help you save money on solar power. Below you’ll find some of the incentives for South Carolina residents. You can find more detailed information in our guide to South Carolina solar incentives.

South Carolina Solar Tax Credit

South Carolina offers a state tax credit of 25% of your solar installation costs.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

You don’t have to limit yourself to local or state incentives. You can also take part in a federal program through the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). You can qualify for this credit as a homeowner if you purchase your PV system fully with cash or through a solar loan. You claim the credit when you file your federal taxes for the year. This credit covers 30 percent of your system costs.

Net Metering

South Carolina allows you to save extra solar energy when your system is making an abundance and then use those credits when you don’t have enough energy for your needs.

Solar Rebate Programs

You may be able to get solar rebates through your energy company, such as Duke Energy or Santee Cooper.

6. Choose The Best Purchasing Option For You

Now that you’re ready for the benefits of clean energy for your wallet and the planet, it’s time to install solar panels. At Solar Energy World, we are a solar company that provides residential and commercial customers South Carolina solar panels and installation.

We make solar in South Carolina especially affordable with our flexible purchasing options. We offer $0 down financing options, based on your credit report. Also, we can help you take advantage of tax credits, incentives and income through solar renewable energy certificates.