Sick of Power Outages? Get Tesla Powerwall or Other Battery Product With Solar Install

Power companies can take days, even weeks to restore electricity after storms have subsided. Consumer demand for home solar battery backup storage products has been increasing every year with superstorms and power outages becoming commonplace due to climate change.  

Solar- powered homeowners have an advantage over neighbors who rely on utility power alone because not only is their carbon footprint lower, which helps mitigate climate change, they save on electricity costs instead of being at the mercy of rate hikes.  They also don’t have to pay more during extreme weather when energy prices fluctuate dramatically. 

However, most solar panel systems are still grid-tied, so for safety reasons when the power goes out, it goes out for solar-powered homeowners too.  This changes if you have included solar battery storage to your system when your solar panels are installed.

When you have solar battery backup, even if your neighborhood loses power, you won’t.  So if you live in an area where severe storms can leave you without power for days, it makes sense to protect your home from power loss by installing solar battery backup along with solar panels.

Best-in-class Solar Battery Backup Products

Solar Energy World was recently chosen to be a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall home battery backup system. Tesla’s storage system is a new addition to other best-in-class energy storage products that Solar Energy World offers including Enphase and SolarEdge.

Tesla has been a recognized pioneer in battery storage solutions for homes in recent years. The Tesla brand is highly trusted according to recent consumer awareness and satisfaction surveys.  Due to high demand for the Tesla Powerwall, Tesla is very selective on who they will allow to install it. “We know that our customers love what Tesla is doing in the auto and storage markets with their huge leaps in battery technology. We are proud to say that we can add Tesla Powerwall to our line of home battery backup solutions now.” says Bryan Hacker, Vice President of Sales for Solar Energy World.

No matter which storage product brand you choose, Solar Battery backup works similarly to any rechargeable battery. It absorbs energy and instead of using it immediately saves it for later. The battery will power essentials during outages.

Every day more and more of Solar Energy World’s customers are including solar battery backup with their solar panel installation.  Plus for a limited time, homeowners can go solar for $o upfront costs to save up to 100% on utility costs, making solar affordable for almost everyone. 

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