Solar Energy World Fosters Good Health, Economic Security in Montgomery County With Solar United Neighbors Solar Co-Op

Montgomery County Solar and EV Charger Co-op Members Select Solar Energy World as Group’s Installer for the Third Consecutive Year 

Solar United’s Montgomery County Co-Op members chose Solar Energy World to be their solar installer through an open and competitive bidding process. Solar Energy World is a top rated residential solar installation company which ensures co-op participants will be able to leverage bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and preferred financing terms while still receiving best-of-class solar products and superior service and installation.

We are excited to be working with Solar United Neighbors again. Their customers are some of the best educated that we work with.”, states Bryan Hacker, Vice President of Sales for Solar Energy World. We are also proud to be an approved contractor for MC Green Bank’s residential financing program, Clean Energy Advantage, which means we can also offer members better financing with lower interest rates.”

How Going Solar Lessens the Pandemic’s Harm to Communities

Montgomery County has been hit hard by COVID-19 with the second highest rate of infection in Maryland as of July 2020.  This has hurt the county’s economy as well as sickening thousands of its residents and killing hundreds. Going solar is not going to take the pain away or stop the virus from spreading, but it is one of the ways residents can help mitigate the virus’ damage.

ECONOMIC BENEFITS: Once the Solar Energy World systems are turned on, co-op participants will benefit from major savings on their utility costs which should help relieve at least some of the economic pressure most people are feeling right now. “We have been receiving an unprecedented number of calls from people who are seeing higher utility bills since working from home from higher electricity usage.”, says Hacker. “With utility rates going up and the Federal Tax Credit for solar dropping from 26% this year to 22% next year, the urgency to switch to solar power has never been higher.” 

HEALTH BENEFITS: Participants will also effectively reduce their dependence on dirty energy which also benefits the community.  Most utility companies in Maryland still get the electricity that they transmit to residents from fossil-fuel burning power plants.  Poor air quality can create or exacerbate respiratory illnesses weakening a person’s immune system. So, reducing air pollution is particularly important during the current pandemic. Solar power does not produce any greenhouse gases, so co-op members will also be helping to protect their neighbors’ health.

In addition, the excess energy produced by the Solar Energy World systems will be fed back into the electricity grid, which helps reduce the likelihood of power outages due to over consumption that typically occurs during heat waves or cold spells. Power outages can also hurt a person’s health if they are forced to remain in a sweltering hot or freezing cold home.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Everyone living in Montgomery County, even people who don’t have solar, benefit when their neighbors go solar. (This is true in communities across the USA.)  Solar Energy World is currently in process of developing personalized proposals for each Mo-Co co-op participant, but if you want to do your part to help your community while helping yourself,  it is still not too late to sign up to start enjoying Solar’s many benefits.

By Laureen Peck